Broadened meeting of the scientific council has been held at the Baku State University


Broadened meetingof the scientific council has been heldat the Baku State University

Broadened  meeting of the scientific council has been held.Rector of the university, academician Abel Məhərrəmov has opened meeting with introductionword and  he has declared diary. Pro-rector on science and innovations, professor Aydın Kazımzade has reported about work of the round table in  subject  "İnnovativ role of the interdisciplinary integration development" of the IV international humanitarian forum of Baku. Also pro-rector, he has given information with graduates about centre of connection, practice and career.

Pro-rector on technologies of training and forming of the teaching, professor Irade Aliyeva has reported about forming and results of the field experiments, summer school and exam session in the year of the 2013-2014th.

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